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  • Fluffy Rhapsody

    Fluffy Rhapsody


    Taiwanese indie that owes just as much to Chris Doyle and Wong as it does first wave New Cinema filmmakers. A tale of disaffected youth you've seen a million times, especially if you're familiar with just about any media from around this time period, but it's the vibe that matters here. Great chemistry between all the actors, and at less than hour, doesn't require much of a commitment. I really liked this one.

  • Blister!



    This was released summer of 2000, but considering its visual aesthetic and the band of merry outsiders it follows, I'm comfortable declaring it the last '90s film to have been produced.

    Whether you like Gregg Araki, Christopher Doyle, Kevin Smith, Wong Kar-wai, or Richard Linklater, you should know: this shit is for you and it's fucking awesome. Everything great about slacker cinema crammed into a brisk runtime.

    I absolutely love the camerawork and the punchy editing. Great soundtrack too.

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  • Love Hotel

    Love Hotel


    I've never wondered what it'd be like if Gaspar Noe had made In the Mood for Love, but now I don't have to.

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    Over the last 15 years, I've gone from thinking that this movie is dull and overrated to admiring its form to appreciating its humor to feeling every ounce of its heartbreak.

    Life is a fucking journey like that, and Edward Yang knew.