Batman: Gotham by Gaslight ★★½

I had high hopes for this one. I re read the book it's based on recently even to get ready. The filmed turned out to be better than the book! But that being said I was let down... What could have been an awesome Sherlock Holmes detective style story with a cat and mouse between Batman and Jack the Ripper fell flat. On it's face. I should have been questioning who in Batman's rogues, represented old timey style, could possibly be Jack. But not once did I feel like any of them could be Jack, mostly based on the lack of clues for the worlds greatest detective to follow. Instead Batman kind of just waited for Jack to strike and than shows up. And when all is revealed at the end it goes down as by far the worst Batman ending in any media. I won't spoil it here. But just know it tarnishes the mythos good name. It would have gotten a 3 star if not for the ending, which dropped it to 2 stars. But all in all it was better than the book, and it was still entertaining, so it gets a half star. So give it a watch, I'd be curious what you think of the ending. Feel free to drop me a line after.