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This review may contain spoilers.

I loved almost everything about this. Costumes, music supervision, the vignettes during the Kwame Ture speech, the dolly shot. There’s a scene in particular, which I won’t spoil, that made me feel somewhere between frustrated and distressed. The most I can say is that the scene and its blocking are so tender (maybe even romantic?) but are mismatched with very sinister, inhumane banter/intentions. Wasn’t a big fan of the set-up to fire that one racist cop either. 

The last few minutes fucked me up. Not because I was surprised. I knew all these things happened, but it’s another thing to watch it happen all at once. I don’t know if I was crying or having a panic attack — maybe both — but when it was all over, I found myself breathless, watching the last still image (mostly because I knew if I started breathing, the people I was with, and anyone else near us, would hear me ugly-cry). I don’t hate what this country has become— it’ always been this way. That’s what angers me.

EDIT: totally get why Boots Riley is currently criticizing how pro-police this is, but I still enjoyed this if only for the last 2 minutes. I didn’t come out with a pro-police reading; I left still feeling dead inside because of this garbage world.

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