Hell Fest ★★½

“You just got Brundleflied!”

Hell Fest is a modern day slasher made by director, Gregory Plotkin. He attempts his second film from the directors chair. I haven’t seen his ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ and after this, I don’t ever need to. Plotkin started his career editing movies like ‘Get Out,’ ‘Game Night,’ ‘Happy Death Day’ and most of the sequels to ‘Paranormal Activity.’ You’d think with all this experience he’d have a decent understanding of pacing. Instead, he offers a monotonous ninety minute film that feels like it’s two hours long.

The mazes created for the film were actually pretty decent for the budgetary restrictions. The killer himself has absolutely nothing to him and could not even scare a Brundlefly, though there is one good kill here. This movie suffers from lazy screenwriting and completely lacks direction. It didn’t surprise me to see Gary Dauberman’s name credited amongst 5 others. He is easily becoming one of my least favorite screenwriters in the horror genre.

It’s sad because the premise of this movie had me excited. The idea of a Fright Fest turned wrong is intriguing. I love going to these events, like Halloween Horror Nights, and was hoping this would up my anxiety this year. Watch ‘Terrifier’ instead, it’s a much better representation of modern day slasher flicks. Low budget movies can have substance, this one does not.

Pop goes the weasel.

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