Opera ★★★★★

Dario Argento crafts a beautiful night at the opera. The picture feels like a fantasy as the camera flows with the beautiful imagery and the terrorizing music. Opera is a Giallo staple, one the most moving and wonderfully acted that I’ve seen so far. Eno and Bill Wyman join forces with Claudio Simonetti, setting the perfect musical mood, spanning from the delicate intricacies of a classical symphony to the brain bursting noodling of a heavy metal stomp.

Opera gets into your head, like some sort of deranged lullaby. It’s pace is calming, swaying in and out of rageful violence. The suspense is always high even as Argento let’s you meditate on life, nature and beauty. This movie balances perfectly between it’s gore and moments of tranquility, a feat that most filmmakers are not able to achieve. I can’t wait to see what else Argento has to offer. Heigh-Ho the carrion crow!

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