2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

Seeing this movie on the big screen is certainly not an opportunity that should be easily missed. I think a lot of movies actually do benefit when they're given this opportunity to overwhelm you. And not just visually, I was surprised at just how much cinema sound enhances the score and sounds of the film.

There's been a little controversy of this re-release having a bit of a piss yellow tinge that the original didn't have. I do think the whites had more of a yellow tinge than they should have had but it's hard to be definitive with that statement. I'd be pretty uptight about a lot of things like that when watching a movie but I don't think it really gets in the way of the experience. A slight yellow tinge is not enough to ruin or even blemish this masterpiece.

Speaking of masterpiece, I'd love to have seen this movie the first time I saw it without knowing how acclaimed it is. I do think it's an absolutely incredible movie, but I wonder how much that feeling is coloured by my pre-existing knowledge of how people felt about this film. It's an interesting thought. I think it's more applicable to this film than others because of just how different this is from most mainstream American cinema. The closest this film has to a plot is the whole HAL sequence, and that's only about a third of the movie, if that.

I've said before that the true mark of a great filmmaker is making a great long movie. It's a lot easier to make a good 2 hour film than it is to make a good 3 hour film. It's another level of difficulty entirely making a good movie that's both long and slow. 2001 is endlessly interesting because of its length and pace, which I think says a lot about Kubrick's genius. This is a bold movie and it takes balls to put a movie out there that's so leisurely in what it does.

The apes at the beginning will never deceive me. I always imagine men. It's a great effort to disguise the men, but I can never not see them as men in suits acting like apes. It doesn't take me out of the film that much, I just struggle a bit more to get really immersed at the start.

My appreciation grows and grows for Kubrick and this film.

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