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  • Jeepers Creepers 2

    Jeepers Creepers 2


    As I remembered from 14 years ago (!), this is a really strong sequel, the equal of its predecessor if not a tiny bit better.

    I had totally forgotten that this boasts such a badass Ray Wise performance as a vengeful farmer father much like Lance Henriksen in PUMPKINHEAD. In fact, there's more than a few things here that remind me of PUMPKINHEAD, and that's a very good thing indeed.

    Suspenseful, very well-shot with well-choreographed action, visually interesting, and it does a nice job expanding what we know about the Creeper himself, while still keeping him a mystery for the most part.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    Jeepers Creepers


    The first 2/3 of JEEPERS CREEPERS are just about perfect: tense, suspenseful, exciting, scary, well-written and well-acted. The two central characters are likeable and believable, even when they're occasionally doing really dumb things. The final third isn't at all bad, but it feels a tad silly at times.

    Glad to see this holds up nicely, I hadn't watched it in many years.

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  • Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    I've got way too many feelings (all of them positive) stirring around inside of me having just seen this phenomenally entertaining remake/tribute to write a proper review, so I'm just going to list some of the many things I love about it.

    I love...

    1. ...the fact that it pays significant tribute to both 1981's landmark EVIL DEAD and 1987's absurdly creative EVIL DEAD II, in a number of interesting ways while also containing many great surprises of its own.…

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    It's been a Cronenberg family kind of day, what can I say?

    How can a movie simultaneously be one of the most viscerally disturbing monster movies ever AND one of the most heartbreaking, tragic love stories of the 1980s? It's a rarity to find a movie that hits so squarely on all intended marks (scares, suspense, gross-out moments, special effects, emotional intensity...), but David Cronenberg's still-stunning remake of THE FLY (oh yeah, it's also one of the greatest remakes of…