Blindspotting ★★★★

A lively comedy/drama about Collin (Daveed Diggs) trying to get through his last three days of probation without getting into trouble, which would mostly be thanks to his tempestuous, loudmouth best friend, Miles (Rafael Casal).

It's a jumbled mish-mash of tones (veering constantly from light comedy to social commentary and heavy drama and back again on a regular basis), but this is actually a good thing most of the time, as it makes the film unpredictable and energetic. It reminded me of GRIDLOCK'd (one of my favorite little-known '90s gems) more than once, especially with its ticking-clock time frame, gritty atmosphere, and in this juggling of tones. Only toward the end does it feel a bit forced by laying on the melodrama a little too thick.

Very much worth watching for its two central performances (Diggs and Casal are both terrific) and for how much of an entertaining and intermittently powerful jolt of cinema it is most of the time.

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