Halloween ★★★★★

I've watched this film dozens and dozens of times over the last (at least) 25 years and written much about it, so this time let me just share one of my favorite moments in a movie full of great moments.

At just about the 54 minute mark, little Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace are deeply entranced by a horror movie marathon on TV (and really, what is Halloween night without catching bits and pieces of old horror movies on basic cable?) when Tommy decides to scare Lindsey by sneaking behind the curtain and whispering her name.

Then, for whatever reason, he decides to look out the window behind him. What he sees (and it is wonderfully unscored by a burst of creepy music heard from the movie playing on TV) is the striking, Frankenstein-like silhouette of Michael Myers, across the street, carrying the body of the woman he has just murdered around the side of the dark house and into the front door.

The harmless "fake" fun of Halloween (spooky movies on TV, scaring friends), combined with this sudden and shocking "real" image that terrifies Tommy (and us!), is what makes this movie so magical to me, and the definitive movie about this excellent holiday.

And the ending still gives me chills like crazy!

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