Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★½

A cute, gently funny, whimsical comedy from New Zealand about a troubled, orphaned young boy (Julian Dennison in a wonderful performance) who's been shuffled from one foster home to another for years and his adventures after being stationed with oddball couple Bella (Rima Te Wiata, HOUSEBOUND) and Hec (Sam Neill, JURASSIC PARK), who live in the middle of nowhere.

There's a definite Wes Anderson feel here, and the film often seems to be going for a MOONRISE KINGDOM feel. I enjoyed it, especially the performances by the three leads, but it just never quite caught fire for me. Always seemed like it could be a little funnier, a little more well-written, a little more convincing, a little more this and a little more that. Long story short, it's no MOONRISE KINGDOM. Still, certainly a painless way to spend 101 minutes.

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