Midsommar ★★★★½

Every once in a while I organize an outing with friends and family to see a movie and go to dinner afterwards for discussion. I really wish I would have done one for this, because man, the post-show discussion would have really been something!

Much like Ari Aster's previous film HEREDITARY, this is a powerful and deeply distressing horror film with many images you'll never forget as long as you live, and with performances and sinister, oppressive atmosphere that are nothing short of outstanding. Unbelievably, MIDSOMMAR is even more ambitious and unusual than HEREDITARY, with a stunning size and scope that recalls Kubrick and Herzog. Also like HEREDITARY, this is most certainly not everyone's cup of hallucinogenic tea. But I loved it.

It's not often that I'm speechless after a movie, but this one did it to me. So maybe the post-show discussion wouldn't have been that great after all!

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