Shame ★★★★

Wow. This film is incredible

The visual storytelling is spectacular and everything else is just as good.
The color palette and cinematography is wonderful.
The writing and dialogue is crisp.
The score is really good and perfectly used in its ques.
And last but not least the performances, Carey Mulligan was great in this, but Michael Fassbender gives one of his greatest performances ever, those last few scenes were so powerful, better yet, most of the scenes In the film are powerful.

One of my favorite scenes was when Sissy was singing “New York, New York” in the club, and Brandon  began to cry, I found it really powerful, once again the visual storytelling is perfect in this film.

I definitely need to get a rewatch in for this film, there was for sure a few things that I missed, that a 2nd watch would fix, and I am for sure going to have to check out more of Mcqueens work, n I’m looking forward to it!

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