Always Be My Maybe ★★★

Netflix’s latest hit original feels, to be frank, like it was created by the platform’s famous algorithms: it’s a frothy romantic comedy, starring Ali Wong as a celebrity chef. (I count three Netflix standbys there.) And the script – co-written by Wong, co-star Randall Park, and Michael Golamco – feels like a first draft, full of soft jokes and prescribed beats and conflicts, carried out like a homework assignment. The leads are left to carry a lot of weight – but fortunately, they do, as Wong and Park are naturally funny performers with chemistry and charisma to spare. And most of its sins are forgivable in the face of an uproariously funny detour with a delightfully game Keanu Reeves, playing himself as a bastion of positivity, light, intensity, and strangeness (ordering at an upscale restaurant, he asks, “Do you have any dishes that play with time?”). It’s not a great rom-com, but it’s a pleasant enough diversion.