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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Yes, this is a knee jerk reaction. Yes, it’s most certainly not perfect. But when it is as emotionally satisfying as the sum of 22 films and 10+ years of movie making gives you, then screw it. Sometimes you give that 5 stars just because.

  • Roma



    Well, damn. Even with the critical praise, and from a director in which I love all his films, I still did not expect to be completely gut punched by this. One of my favorite parts of cinema is the musical score, and the complete lack of one here is probably why I had such an apprehension going in. Apologies, Mr. Cuarón, I will not doubt you again.
    There is one particular heart-breaking scene, and even though I saw it coming,…

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  • Interstellar



    Take a look at any of my "top" lists. What you will find a lot of are science fiction and sentimental character dramas. I find it sad that we now live in a world where you will see the word sentimentality used in a review as being something negative. Or maybe everyone has always been cynical and I now just spend too much time on the internet. In any matter, if you make me cry (in an emotional response to…

  • One Fine Spring Day

    One Fine Spring Day


    "Buses and women are all the same. Once they leave, they will never stop for you."
    Of course it's the granny with dementia that hands out the hard truth. Damn straight granny, forget them bitches.