Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

What the actual fuck have I just witnessed. This has to be David Lynch unchained. This movie was mostly normal until you saw Rita get naked and then the rest of the movie was David Lynch showing me things like an old man t posing playing the trumpet and now I'm beginning to reconsider everything I thought I knew about cinema. This movie definitely has a big meaning behind it, I'm determined to find out what that is on a second watch.

I know I joke about it a lot, but I'm slowly beginning to unravel David Lynch's Mind of Insanity. This man is a bonafide master of his craft, his talent and passion show in all mediums he creates in. I have a feeling once it's all said and done he'll be one of my favorite directors.

ALSO do not look up the cast if you have any interest in this movie. It can kind of spoil some shit but also there's one of the biggest jumpscares I've ever seen in a movie. Not a real jumpscare, but there's someone in this who you would never expect to be in a David Lynch film. I was shocked and jolted wide awake at the mere glimpse of this person. I promise you this movie is batshit insane.

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