Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

From Iron To Endgame

“Perfectly balanced, like all things should be”

Well, here it is. The Russo Brothers have done it again. Against the odds they’ve masterfully woven together the plot of 22 movies in spectacular fashion to form an extremely enjoyable and emotionally cathartic finale that really feels like a satisfying culmination of something truly special.

Without spoiling anything, the final big action sequence is absolutely joyful and the perfect encapsulation of what the last 11 years have been leading up to. In any other movie, the huge CGI heavy battle would be a lazy bombastic addition, but it’s completely earned here thanks to a huge amount of character work done in Endgame and the preceding 21 movies (even if it does just amount to an elaborate game of capture the flag).

But then again, huge set piece fight scenes aren’t really what this film is about. Endgame is about resolution and closure, and on that level it’s an absolute masterclass in how to deliver a satisfying ending (Take note, Game of Thrones) that I’m sure will be remembered for decades to come. It does verge on being a little too fan servicey at points, but as a huge fan of the MCU, all of it worked for me.

It doesn’t quite takes the crown as best of the MCU, but as a final chapter, it’s an incredibly impressive final act for The Infinity Saga, and even more impressive when you consider that in the wrong hands, Endgame would probably have been an incoherent clusterfuck of a movie. 

Anyway, these are just my initial thoughts, and since I’m seeing Endgame again in around 10 hours, I’m sure I’ll be back with something more fully formed soon.

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