Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

“Do you know Karate?”
“No but I can learn me to chop a motherfucker”

Much funnier than I expected, Dolemite is my Name is a fun and breezy “rags to riches” comedy that loosely acts as a biopic of Rudy Ray Moore (1970’s stand up comedian turned movie star thanks to his Dolemite character), but its main focus is giving Eddie Murphy and his fantastic supporting cast a chance to shine, and shine they do.

It’s certainly one of the best written films of the year. The dialogue is always sharp and despite some pacing issues, it’s always highly entertaining.

It won’t be making my top 10 list or anything but the film is a great return to form for Eddie Murphy after 2 decades in family friendly exile, and if there’s more story to tell, I’d be very happy to see Dolemite return with his tenacious spirit and his all girl Kung-fu army in tow.

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