The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

“Depends on whether they’re smart pretending to be idiots or idiots or pretending to be smart”

First halted by a mass shooting and the incoherent ramblings of professional buffoon, Donald Trump, The Hunt was left on a shelf for 6 months before being given a second chance to hit the big screen. Unfortunately, that was cruelly snatched away days later when the worlds cinemas crumbled under the weight of that pesky ol’ Coronavirus.
Ultimately, in a very interesting move that *could end up changing the face of the movie industry forever, The Hunt is out now to rent digitally and it turns out that, well... it’s just okay.

On the face of it, the film is basically what you’d get if The Hunger Games had a stereotype spouting baby with Fox News.
It seems to think its really clever, but in actuality the politically slanted, Liberal vs Republican conceit is so simplistic and clichéd that it’s almost laughable.
Is it meant to be serious or satirical? Who can tell, because either way it’s reductive and misinformed.

On the plus side, everything else around it works pretty well.
I especially enjoyed how brisk and well paced it feels and also the level of savagery on display. The final fight between Betty Gilpin and the villain is a gloriously brutal meeting of minds that would feel right at home in a blood soaked Tarantino flick.
Speaking of Gilpin, The movie would be nothing without her and her defiant ferociousness is the real driving force in what could have been (and occasionally is) a bland, low budget gore fest.

It may be painfully on the nose and unnecessarily brutal, but overall, The Hunt actually worked pretty well for me. The story is nonsense and doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny, but as a ridiculous revenge thriller, it’s pretty damn entertaining and probably works better at home than it ever would have done on the big screen.

*It won’t.

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