The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★½

It’s more catered to younger children, but The One and Only Ivan is a hugely enjoyable movie that’s full of great character work, CGI animals that I genuinely cared about and a lots of touching moments that were delivered in that emotionally manipulative way that Disney’s excelled at since the days of Dumbo & Bambi almost 80 years ago.

It gets a little muddled in its second half and rushes towards a tidy conclusion, but The One and Only Ivan is absolutely delightful and consistently heartwarming throughout and I really think it could have been a huge hit in cinemas this summer if, well... we actually had any cinemas to go to this summer.

P.S. I’ll take all the Disney+ spin-offs they can make starring Danny DeVito as Bob the stray dog just to hear him say “Bob-ehh” a few more times.

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