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  • Reminiszenzen aus Deutschland

    Reminiszenzen aus Deutschland

    Today was pretty major cause this was the first time this has played in the States (to my knowledge) but also because Jonas Mekas read a piece he wrote in the '70s about returning home to Lithuania after thirty years of exile and it was powerful and passionate, capturing the increasingly-relevant torment of displacement. With the only light in the otherwise pitch black room shining on him, he cursed at the Gods and the governments that kept him from his…

  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The punishment Trier dishes out to Bjork's Selma in the midpoint of the movie had me entirely reconsidering the immense impact of the subtler, less overtly sinister tragedies of the first half (which already had me trembling). Initially, I was at odds against the abrupt vileness of Bill Morse's character -- but then the film continues and continues with a nihilism that draws a contrast between Morse's cowardice and Bjork's exaltedness (the scene prior to that where they share secrets…

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  • The Circle

    The Circle


    Watch Emma Watson and Tom Hanks give a 2-hour TED Talk about why privacy is bad, I mean good, I mean bad? and about why freedom is good, I mean bad, I mean good?

    Watson plays that girl in high school that sucked up to the administration, if that girl in high school also hosted one of those Youtube daily vlog channels. Everybody else has too much dialogue to just be a plot device, but not enough meaningful dialogue to…

  • Paper Towns

    Paper Towns