Baby Driver ½

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#25: A film featuring an iconic car or famous driver

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2017 movie viewings, #139. Oh, Edgar Wright, what the fuck happened here? I've been a huge fan of every previous movie this British filmmaker has ever made, starting with his collaborations with Simon Pegg and then moving on to the criminally underrated Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; but Baby Driver was (and I'm not exaggerating here) the most annoyingly tedious film I've seen in recent memory, a movie I watched to the end only and exclusively because I was stunned by how goddamned terrible it was, and kept expecting it at any point to reveal its deliberately awful beginning in order to surprise us with a great second half. (Spoiler alert: that never happens.) Featuring cardboard-cutout characters, the most yawn-inducingly generic storyline possible, a forced and unearned sense of overly sugary sentimentality in literally every scene, and a lead "hero" straight out of "Politically Correct Teenagers You Want to Smack The Shit Out Of" central casting, this was one of those rare films I wished had actually been some kind of physical object, so that I could wrap my hands around it and choke the life out of it. A flabbergastingly wrong turn for the usually amazing Wright, so bad that I can still scarcely understand why he thought it was a good idea to make it in the first place. Do yourself a favor and just watch Hot Fuzz again, because this has so far been my most disappointing movie experience of the entire 21st century.