Ronin ★★★★★

2017 movie viewings, #129. Watched during a recent binge on caper movies I went through one week last August, so I'm keeping my write-ups of all of them brief. This was easily the best of the five caper films I watched that week, a crime thriller helmed by and starring Americans (namely, the unforgettable team-up of writer David Mamet, director John Frankenheimer and star Robert De Niro), but that purposely has a very European, very continental voice, tone and attitude, making it both what you would expect and surprisingly unpredictable. To reveal any of the plot would be a mistake, in that it's the various twists and turns that make this such a rewarding watch; but I can safely say that Mamet does his usual excellent job at what you might call a "procedural" look at the art of conning, in which he really delves into the daily little clever tricks that criminals might use in a perfect world in order to pull off their regular capers. (For even more of this kind of stuff, see Mamet's underrated Heist, starring Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito.) If you yourself are doing a caper-film marathon soon, and are looking to watch only the best films out there, this is definitely one to add.

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