The Colour Out of Space ★★½

Watched as part of the June 2018 Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt
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#29. A film based on any of the works of H.P. Lovecraft

For this month's scavenger hunt task of watching a movie based on a work by HP Lovecraft, I've noticed that a lot of people are choosing an experimental film by Patrick Müller based on The Colour Out of Space; but it was only today that I realized that the film is only five minutes long, and can be watched in its entirety for free at Vimeo, so I thought I'd take five minutes out of my life to watch it too. Unfortunately, as is most often the case with five-minute experimental films, five minutes of your life is just barely the maximum that it's worth it to sit down and watch this; in reality it's simply five minutes of landscape shots with an Instagram filter applied to it*, with random quotes from Lovecraft's story awkwardly inserted as silent-movie title cards throughout, but with the movie itself having not even the tiniest bit to do with Lovecraft's actual tale or anything he says in it. Good for a lark; but for those who should properly be using this task to actually learn something about HP Lovecraft's writing that they didn't know before, this 300-second pretty picture is a complete failure when it comes to that.

*Or, well, to be technical about it, it's five minutes of Lomochrome film, chemically designed to give your physical camera footage the same look as Instagram digital shots. This movie plays exactly as if Müller was given a roll of this once as a gift, ran around a city park shooting random trees until it was used up, and didn't know what to do with the resulting footage, so thought, "Hmm, I guess I'll...cut in some random sentences from an HP Lovecraft story? Yeah, sure, okay, why not."