The History of Time Travel

The History of Time Travel ★★★★★

2019 movie viewings, #82. This highly enjoyable no-budget sci-fi movie uses an extremely clever premise to derive virtually all of its fun. It's supposedly a documentary set several hundred years from now about the invention of a time machine in the early 21st century; but every time the talking heads divulge one more moment of this alt-history timeline, the details of each of the talking heads' environments change (different newspaper headlines in the background of a museum box, different styles of clothes, etc), to essentially let us know that the entire future has changed butterfly-style effect every time one of these events is mentioned, with the timeline being discussed by the historians shifting from one moment to the next depending on what the outcome was in the most recent trip. This basically lets writer-director Ricky Kennedy tell an entire traditional three-act story about the invention of, battle for, and eventual destruction of the time machine in question, but with us only getting the full story by watching the historical after-effects of what kind of world we would live in after this time jump, how the world would change after that time jump, etc. This more than makes up for production details that are little more in quality than an undergraduate festival short, essentially a movie like Primer whose sci-fi elements lie completely in the story being told, and not a single bit on special effects. It comes strongly recommended in that spirit, especially since Amazon Prime members can watch it completely for free over at that streaming service.

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