The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling - Ireland 1965 ★★

Watched as part of the June 2018 Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt
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#2. June 2 is the birthday of Charlie Watts (and June 1st was Ronnie Wood's). Watch a Rolling Stones concert film, or documentary about The Rolling Stones.

So to make my biases known right away, I'm not much of a fan of the Rolling Stones; being a member of Generation X, I like most other Gen-Xers have a learned disdain for all the '60s music that was crammed down our throats as teens by our baby-boomer parents and bosses, and ever since then the Stones seem to have been dully phoning it in all the way back since such '80s dreck as Tattoo You, less of an actual band in the last thirty years than more of a marketing concept, leathery corpses to be trotted out once every few years so that a multi-million-dollar all-consuming machine can be built around them for the express purpose of generating even more filthy lucre for a bunch of guys who are already billionaires. So if I'm to be forced to watch a movie about them for this month's scavenger hunt, certainly it wouldn't be anything from beyond the 1970s, the last moment in history they had anything even remotely interesting to present to the world; so that led me instead to Charlie Is My Darling, shot during their 1965 tour of Ireland but for legal reasons never released to the public until all the way in 2012. Unfortunately, it's exactly what you would expect from that kind of forgotten project -- not much more than a bunch of raw, uninteresting, fly-on-the-wall footage of the shows, the lads acting zany on the bus and plane rides between gigs, and endless shots of your 16-year-old grandmother violently rushing stages because of her panties being so wet over the sight of Mick Jagger [shudder]. It's getting an extra star today merely because fans of the Stones will like it a lot more than I did; but if like me you could really care less about this band, this utterly unnecessary documentary will have your eyes glazing over just a few minutes into it.