Thundercrack! ★★½

Not much to say about this one; it's just more of experimental veteran George Kuchar's countercultural-era absurdist nonsense, just like the literal hundreds of others like this he made, which you will either inherently love or inherently hate from the first second it starts playing (you already know which one you are), with there not really being a traditional "plot" or "dialogue" or "characters" or "production values" to do an actual critical analysis of. The main reason this particular one is so notorious (besides the tons of explicit pornographic sex, that is, which after all is common to a lot of Kuchar's work in the 1960s and '70s) is that it was unavailable in any form, either for home or theater screenings, for decades, making it a kind of indie holy grail before finally being lovingly restored and released on 1080p Bluray by Synapse Films in 2015. The thing I found most surprisingly is the relatively high level of legitimate eroticism in many of the sex scenes -- usually with sexually explicit countercultural absurdist films, the point is to make the sex itself so repulsive as to be disgusting (think John Waters, for a good example) -- but to be frank, there's not a whole lot else about it to recommend a general film fan, a nearly three-hour production that most people will find themselves watching at 4x speed in an effort to save their sanity.

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