Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★★

I liked this a lot more than I thought I would, given its mostly lackluster reviews that characterized it as "yet another mediocre Netflix original movie." It's essentially a heist film, but that differentiates itself by being set among a group of highly disciplined, highly moral military veterans, and their mark being a South American drug kingpin who's been the obsessive focus of Oscar Isaac's "Pope" Garcia, who's been working post-Army as a military advisor in Colombia. The good news is that there's way more cash in the druglord's compound than they were expecting, close to $250 million; the bad news is that this causes a bunch of problems to their plans to extricate themselves out of the rural jungle, the details of which are best left a surprise. To be sure, this is nothing more than a ticking-clock movie, its act-one character building not much more than window dressing for the nearly constant action that takes place once they get there; but that action is done superbly by writer-director JC Chandor (whose most previous movie was the similarly admired A Most Violent Year), a tightly plotted and exquisitely filmed genre piece that at all times feels highly realistic and never panders to its audience. It comes strongly recommended, despite what you may have heard otherwise.

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