Wilson ★★

2017 movie viewings, #108. I'm not doing a full review of this, because frankly it doesn't deserve it. Much like Ghost World and Art School Confidential, what started as an absurdist, ultra-droll "anti-hipster hipster" story from the pages of Daniel Clowes' Eightball comic book turns simultaneously ugly and unwatchably boring when performed by actual humans in an actual real-life environment, almost as if by some form of magic dedicated to turning okay things into crap. Good for a few chuckles, which is why it's getting 2 stars instead of 1; but mostly this is a dreary, bizarre mess, with a ramshackle go-nowhere script that will make you frown and mutter, "What. What is this. What am I watching. What." To tell the truth, it's kind of an astounding mystery how Clowes keeps getting projects like this greenlit into movies in the first place; but that feat doesn't necessarily translate into a movie actually worth watching.

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