Scavenger Hunt 40: July 2018

See host Jasmeet's original list here

I did pretty good with last month's scavenger hunt, or at least in relative terms to how I usually do, watching almost half the films on my list before starting to put together July's roster on June 27th. As a result, I've tried to port over as many unwatched films from June's list as would fit into this month's categories, plus of course keep chipping away at the "Film School Dropouts Challenge" that I've been working on for the last year and a half. Looking forward to seeing how many of these I can get through before August rolls around!

* Also in my Film School Dropouts Challenge list
^ Also in my June…

Read notes
  • The Birth of a Nation
  • Beyond the Black Rainbow
  • Taste of Cherry
  • Coal Miner's Daughter
  • Dogtooth
  • Gangs of Wasseypur - Part 1
  • Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
  • The Hotel New Hampshire
  • The Armstrong Lie
  • The Thing
  • Into the Woods
  • The Tin Drum
  • Shadow of the Vampire
  • Smiles of a Summer Night
  • Yesterday Girl
  • Juno
  • Black God, White Devil
  • Rebel Without a Cause
  • The Duke of Burgundy
  • Brother 2
  • She Gods of Shark Reef
  • The Beach
  • You Were Never Really Here
  • Itty Bitty Titty Committee
  • Reds
  • Diner
  • Life of Pi
  • Gallipoli
  • Sherman's March
  • Personal Shopper
  • Logan