• 24



    Sound has always been the sense most close to me, the one that pulls in me deepest. Of course a film about it would resonate with me well. I could watch (listen to) a ten hour version of this and not find one second a waste. Or maybe I just need to go out more, see the world. Be a part of it and not just stare from afar.

    As the film ended I walked out into a Taipei poured…

  • Moving



    Moving is about a child of around ten and her inability to process and make sense of her parents’ separation. It follows her successive failures to have them reunite and fall back in love with each other, at least for her sake.

    It’s my first film in theaters in over 20 months, the cinema was fully packed so i was all the way up front and center, lost in reverence for the screen and on the verge of tears the entire time with the lone woman beside me asleep, hopefully in sweet dream.

    It’s nice to be back home.

  • The Nowhere Inn

    The Nowhere Inn


    i really love st vincent but i found this quite messy in an often unflattering way and i think it pales in comparison to the more superior music “documentary”, 20,000 days on earth, starring nick cave (which i feel this borrows heavily from).

    i love all the creativity being expressed but as the credits rolled i just didn’t really feel like i got much out of it. hopefully rewatching this one day will change my mind.

  • Dipped in Gold

    Dipped in Gold


    Fantastic early Sirkian melodrama from Lino Brocka that showcases his mastery of the genre and its core stylistic conventions, given a queer twist that cements its place in Asian cinematic history as far ahead of its time. Especially appreciated Brocka’s staging and use of actors (their performances are stellar as well).

    Needs a restoration and more critical re-evaluation so that its influence in Philippine history can be better understood. Great stuff and can’t wait to explore more of his filmography.

  • I Was a Soldier

    I Was a Soldier


    i think i’m going to be into kieślowski

  • Across the Universe

    Across the Universe


    I have such a love-hate relationship with this movie.

    On one hand I hate most Beatles covers and I feel like the story is a bit underwhelming and all over the place.

    But also I feel like it’s not really about telling an amazing story anyway and it’s more about recontextualizing the music of the Beatles as a time capsule of the feelings and sentiments of the generation they most resonated with, the youth of the 60s countercultural movement. To…

  • My Man Godfrey

    My Man Godfrey


    One of the most hilarious movies I’ve seen in a long time— such excellent dialogue!

    Could be a 5 for me on a rewatch. Top tier screwball comedy for sure.

  • Annette
  • Les Vampires

    Les Vampires


    This is an undeniable masterpiece and I can’t wait to continue discovering and rediscovering more beauty from this gem over the next few years.

    Feuillade’s staging!

    Musidora’s eyes!

  • Hitler: A Film from Germany

    Hitler: A Film from Germany


    will just share quotes from Susan Sontag’s masterful review of the film:

    “His film takes Nazism at its (Hitler’s, Goebbels’) word, as a venture in apocalypse, as a cosmology of a New Ice Age, in other words as an eschatology of evil; and itself takes place at a kind of end-of-time, a Messianic time (to use Benjamin’s term) which imposes the duty of trying to do justice to the dead.”

    “Syberberg proposes that we really listen to what Hitler said—to the…

  • Fundamentally Happy
  • Akira



    holy shit waited way too long to see this