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  • Muli
  • Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria Kirchbaum
  • The Dance of Two Left Feet
  • The Woman in the Septic Tank
  • Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings

A 50 Film Retrospective on 2010s Filipino Cinema

50 films

Observations on 2010s Filipino Cinema

Over the next few months I plan to write about 50 Filipino films from the…

  • Piccadilly
  • Nosferatu
  • The Sultan of Love
  • Malvaloca
  • The Lady and the Beard

2022 International Silent Film Festival Manila

9 films

Full lineup of the films for the 16th edition of the International Silent Film Festival Manila at Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong from November…

  • 1776
  • The Gaucho War
  • Independência ou Morte
  • As We Were
  • Lucia

A Global History of Decolonization (1776-1991)

30 films

This series will be an examination of the global history of decolonization from 1776 to 1991. Each film here is…

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Dorian Gray
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray Marathon

10 films

Just finished the book and loved it a lot. But based on the average ratings of these movies this will…

  • 206: Unearthed
  • A Night of Knowing Nothing
  • A Rifle and a Bag
  • Blue Island
  • The Burrows

2022 Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) Masterlist

147 films

A masterlist of all of the films screening in the 13th Taiwan International Documentary Festival from 6-15 May 2022.


  • Moving
  • 24
  • Stagecoach
  • Death in Venice
  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Films Watched in Taipei Theaters

27 films

listed in order of viewing

  • Zvenigora
  • The Eleventh Year
  • Bread
  • Earth
  • Enthusiasm

March Around the World 2022: A Meditation on Ukrainian Cinema

31 films

Dedicating the month to exploring the cinema of Ukraine.

  • Dragon Inn
  • The End of the Track
  • Kuei-mei, a Woman
  • Hill of No Return
  • The Peach Blossom Land

Taiwanese Cinema: Filling Out The Gaps

10 films

Quarantine watchlist

  • The Spring River Flows East
  • Liu Hulan
  • Life of a Beijing Policeman
  • Battle on Shangganling Mountain
  • The Red Detachment of Women

A Peek Into Chinese (CCP) Propaganda Under Mao and Xi

21 films

Propaganda films reveal quite a lot about the state and society in which they’re made. They are ideological films funded…

  • The Lovers on the Bridge
  • Mauvais Sang
  • Holy Motors
  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Pola X
  • Ran
  • Ikiru
  • High and Low
  • Yojimbo
  • Rashomon
  • Beauty Queen
  • A Toy in The River
  • Ang Pagdadalaga ni Lola Mayumi
  • Kids on Fire
  • Maski Papano

Cinemalaya 2021 Shorts, Ranked

13 films

Review of the selections as a whole: underwhelming