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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    I think Bo Burnham is ranked high on my list of “Very Talented But VERY White Men Who Apparently Are Loved by Many... but their art just doesn’t hit me ” 

    He’s right under John Mulaney (#1) and a few spots above James Corden and Elon Musk lol

    Also I posted this review a year ago. Maybe I am stuck on loop lmao

  • Nowhere



    Somehow I saw this waaaaay waaaay back in the day when I would leave the tv on either Sundance or IFC and I would wake up in the middle of the night at 2am or 3am and I would see some shit like this! It’s a fuckin trip. The names, the dialogue, the sexual situations, the uncalled for violence etc. was written down, pitched and someone gave Araki money and permish to make this shit.

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