Day of the Dead ★★★

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Day of the Dead biggest flaw is been compare to Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, I admit it, I was one of those that couldn't helped but compare Day with Dawn and Night. But this time watching the film after many years, I have to say, Day of the Dead is as good as the other two.

Day of the Dead is a character piece, a struggle between science and politics, a tension builder, a metaphor of Romero's pressure from the studio to produce another zombie film, there are many themes being juggle here.

There is a claustrophobic aura around the film, a sensation that anything could happen, all bets are off, you didn't know what was around the corner, something that zombie films now a days lack, and trade for guts and gore.

I can't talk about a zombie film without mentioning the dead scenes, two words: Tom Savini, the man is a master of his craft, the props, make-up and practical effects look amazing! even by today standards. I know that now a days CGI is the way to go, but man, knowing that is there, that what you are looking at is "real", is something that I really appreciate.

George A. Romero Day of the Dead, is a fantastic zombie film, that trade in gore and guts for a socially charge message, that in context resonates more now than in 1985.

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