Heat ★★★★★

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"I do what I do best, I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me."

There are good crime dramas, bad crimes dramas, outstanding crime dramas and above them all, you have Michael Mann Heat.

Michael Mann not only cast two of the most iconic actors of all time, but He took 90 minutes to put them together in a scene, and it paid of big! The conversation between Lt. Vincent Hanna and Neil McCauley is one of many stand out scenes in a film that has inspired many directors to name one Christopher Nolan, for good or for bad, without Heat there'll be no The Dark Knight.

Heat looks and moves likes a crime drama but underneath is a well made western, the pace, the confrontations, the complexity of the characters, the hero, the antagonist reminds me so much of my favorite westerns.

What I appreciate about Heat is nothing is black and white, nothing is completely good or completely bad, loyalty can go both ways, love can go both ways, but one theme that is the cornerstone of the film is respect, this is not a cop running and shooting at will or a criminal that is a villain, this guys are playing a complex game of chess, and I am the audience at the edge of my seat.

Heat is the film that open my eyes to the world of Michael Mann surreal ambient atmosphere, where loyalty good & bad walk a very narrow line, and loyalty is the only way of life.

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