Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★


Films can be about any subject matter or moment in time, actually it can be about anything the director and the writer wants it to be. Inside Llewyn Davis is peculiar, the Coen Brothers choose to make a film not about the journey of a character but about the character development of one, and the result is a bleak, depressing beautiful film to watch.

Oscar Isaac keeps surprising me with every role, surely but slowly He is turning into one of my favorite actors, His portrait of a broken down folk singer that has lost his way and is struggling with his own place in life is exquisite, He is an asshole dress in silk, Oscar Isaac is the best thing about the film, impressive in every aspect of his role.

The rest of the cast was very good too, Carey Mulligan was impressive, even with her limited time on screen. It was nice to see some other familiar faces that fit into the world of Llewin Davis.

I'am gonna come out and say it, this is not the best work Joel and Ethan Coen have done, but it is the most depressing and personal. By now they are masters of there craft, with Inside Llewyn Davis they show me repress feelings and pain in an organic way, that made me connect with the character, Davis is a dick, but The Coens explain you why He is a dick and the struggles He is facing before, during and after the film has ended. I say it again, not there best but I have no doubt that it is there more complex character study yet.

Bruno Delbonnel cinematography and The Coens direction fit perfectly with Llewin Davis character and mood, the snowy days in chicago and the rainy days in New York are beautifully shot, the camera work using close shots for the performances showing the pain and frustration of the character, was a very nice touch from Joel and Ethan Coen.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a metaphor for endurance, This is a dark film, there is no redemption or silver lining, what you see is what you get, the world is hard place to be in, specially if you want to follow your dreams. The Coen brothers are not subtle with there message but that doesn't mean is not a beautiful message to watch.

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