La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★½

Criterion Collection Spine #387
Top 10 Time Travel Film Selection
Through the Eye of Criterion

"He ran toward her. And when he recognized the man who'd trailed him from the camp, he realized there was no escape out of time, and that that moment he'd been granted to see as a child, and that had obsessed him forever after..."

"One of the most influential, radical science-fiction films ever made." I always read that phrase every time La Jetee is mention, and now that I have watch it (finally), I understand the reason why.

The minimalist story is outstanding, La Jetee is art, the use of black and white photography is beautiful, the images feel post-apocalyptic, real and feed you all you need to know about this world, one could write essays from every single image. The narrative hooked me from the start, takes you to a poetic state into a downward spiral of love, humanity and irony.

The images, the tone and the heavy layer story makes La Jetee an intelligent meta Sci-fi film, an experiment of the human perception when viewing film. I will leave you with the same question La Jetee left me.. is love a feeling or a construct from our memories?

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