Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★½

Criterion Collection Spine #306
"Top 100 of all time Selection"
Through the Eye of Criterion

"I never lose. Never really."

While I was watching Jean-Pierre Melville Le Samouraï the words loneliness and iconic where constant in my thoughts.

Alain Delon's performance as Jef Costello is impressive, I feel for the guy despite the fact that he's a cold blooded murderer. Alain Delon performances could be the greatest anti-hero ever put on film, the matter of fact and the silence of the performance is just cool, plain and simple.

Le Samouraï is a minimal film, there are large parts with no dialogue, that only builds up the tension and the smoothness of every scene, is interesting how much can be said with simple gestures, Le Samouraï is a clear example that less is more.

Jean-Pierre Melville technique in the film was very effective, it dances around reality and surrealism and contrasts characters blurring the lines of common ideology of right or wrong.

A lot can be said about Jean-Pierre Melville masterpiece, influential, iconic, a classic in every aspect, Le Samouraï is the finest crime drama/noir ever made and the very embodiment of cool.

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