Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

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"Silencio! No hay banda! No hay orquesta!"

There is a song in the film, performed by Rebekah Del Rio called Llorando, in a way this hunting and beautiful song unlocks the theme of the film, the sensation of emptiness when you loose the one you love.

I would say, that's the main statement of the film, but, 'Mulholland Drive' is much more than that, it could be the lost of innocence, or maybe, a tale about the brutal reality of been an actor, or been a director. To be honest, there are so many layers that is very hard for me to give a straight answer.

The film feels like a dream, like a nightmare, one of the reason for that is the atmospheric soundtrack that keeps you unsettle all the way to the end, is so effective, that even when the film is over, the music stays with you, like a buzz in the back of your mind.

David Lynch created with 'Mulholland Drive' more than a film, he created art, like an abstract painting the film will chance meaning depending in what stage of your life you are, Lynch achieved an iconic piece of cinema, that will be dissected and study for years to come and I'am sure, no one will ever give a concrete answer to what 'Mulholland Drive' really means, with that said, do I really want to know the real meaning?

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