RoboCop ★★★★★

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"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"

Paul Verhoeven violent satire is funny, entertaining and scary RoboCop introducing a bleak and hopeless city of Detroit control by a greedy corporation that looks at the bottom line, profit or no profit, sound familiar?

RoboCop like one of my favorite LP's Radiohead - OK Computer seems to evolve every time I watch it, I remember been a kid and thinking, how cool RoboCop design was, as the year when on, I saw the film in a different light, now is not only a cool design but a thesis of violence and empathy on society that seems to resemble more and more society today.

I seen Peter Weller in many roles during his career, but in my eyes He will forever be know as Murphy, He made the character his own, He made me believe there was a glimpse of humanity in the machine, he didn't need to break the monotone characteristics of Robocop to express humanity.

Jost Vacano cinematography is fantastic, cold, very metallic worked perfectly with Verhoeven ideas. RoboCop is a violent film, but is justified, the story needs that extra violence to make it's point, Verhoeven is not adding gore for the sake of it, is there for a purpose.

No iconic character is without a kick ass iconic theme, RoboCop is no exception, Basil Poledouris soundtrack is amazing, iconic, unique, when you hear it you are instantly transported.

there are a hand full of film that as the years go by they only get better, is like they knew the future, Paul Verhoeven <i.RoboCop is so scary how familiar to society today is, empathy and corporations taking over our way of life is a reality not anymore science fiction.

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