The Fly

The Fly ★★★★½

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"I'm working on something that will change the world, and human life as we know it."

When I see The Fly I don't see horror, I see a drama with horror aspects, I see a love triangle, between Seth, Veronica and Seth's work. The Fly is a bleak film, is a tragic love story, where a woman loves a man but the man doesn't love her as much as his work, the consequences, catastrophic and psychologically scarring.

I heard other interpretation, Cronenberg might have use the subject matter as an allegory for AIDS, It actually fits with the times, a perfect time capsules for future audience to see where society was in 1986.

Films like The Fly are a perfect example of a remake been better than the original, when there is a believe that an old idea can say something new, of course, a stroke of destiny deliver the film in the hands of David Cronenberg a director that enjoys creating provocative material with layer sub-text.

The Fly works in many levels a love triangle, and AIDS metaphor and a straight out horror film, and that's thanks to Chris Walas make-up effects, the transformation of Brundlefly through out the film is amazing, most of the effects still hold up, simply outstanding work.

This is David Cronenberg take on a love tragedy, there are many horror films out there that deliver effects and gore, what makes The Fly stand among the rest, He made me care for the characters and the drama, like not many horror films do.

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