The Master

The Master ★★★★½

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Studio Series: Annapurna Pictures
Director Series: Paul Thomas Anderson

"This is something you do for a billion years or not at all. This isn't fashion."

Re-Watching 'The Master' I realize that Lancaster Dodd played by Philip Seymour Hoffman is portrait as "The Master" but in reality, the real Master is Peggy Dodd played by Amy Adams.

She is the one pushing Lancaster Dodd forward, she is the one saying "Pull yourself together man!", she is the one that realized Freddie Quell played by Joaquin Phoenix is a treat more than a friend to Lancaster Dodd and to "The Cause". Lancaster Dodd is the face but Peggy Dodd is The Motherfucking Master!

There isn't a working director today that can create a film like 'The Master". Paul Thomas Anderson is in another level, I was blown away by the themes and allegories they only got richer and more engaging the second time around.

My thought about the acting have not change much from the 1st time I watched the film, the only thing I could add to that is, Phoenix is amazing, like I said it before, Paul Thomas Anderson surely knows how to get the best out of his actors.

In my first review I said - "The Soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood is not as good as Bodysong or There Will be Blood",- well, I was wrong! The soundtrack is as good as those two. Jonny Greenwood surely is a master of his craft.

'The Master' is one of the best film of this short decade, and who know maybe with a couple of re-watches it will end up been one of my favorite film of all time.

"Josh and Javier’s Director’s Spotlight #2"

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