This Is 40 ★★★½

"For some reason, there's an emoticon of a panda doing push-ups."

First of all.. 'This is 40' is not a comedy! is a drama with funny moments the same way as 'Funny People', so if you are expecting 'The 40 year old virgin' or 'Knocked up' you are gonna hate it!

I enjoyed the film quite a bit, 'This is 40' feels like a personal film about relationships and the obstacles that one has to figure out to make a marriage or a relationship work.

This might not be my favorite Judd Apatow film, but, it is his best without a doubt. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd ooze chemistry and the rest of the cast is so charismatic is hard not to like.

'This is 40' is an outstanding film, in any other year it would be in my top 20.

"December of Madness"

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