Abominable ★★★½

i truly understand why people wouldnt like Abominable, but this is the third time ive watched it and i just cant put my finger on why i Love it so.

its obviously just Rear Window with a giant heinous looking Bigfoot but theres much more in here.
The lighting is kind of that X-files thing where the moon is HOT BLUE and steam is coming off everyones breath and the pines and the cabins are frosted hard in the altitude, all thats missing IS genuinely Mulder and Scully (of which, this could easily be the cold open for a case of theirs).
Its got a grained glaze over it not unlike an episode of the X-files and its very Twin Peaksy-Washington State forest setting make it feel less like a 2006 film and more like a 1995 film. A film best watched for cold days in the years tail when everyones at work but youre sitting on the couch with a candle lit and your pyjamas on at 1pm, soup boil aromas floating through the house and shut windows because its *too* cold now