Black Widow ★★★★

"send a maniac to catch a maniac" - John Spartan, Demolition Man (1995)

Rafaelson making (in the same year) what could be the best pairing to The Stepfather. has that incredible kerbwalk of holding its cards close to its chest with the characters, but showing the audience everything.
so the tension is revealed to you like dinner on a silver tray, and all thats left is something for you to handwring at and shout "oooooh she KNOWS" while readjusting your seating position excitedly.
where Stepfather falls more into a horror category, Black Widow is almost the faded press-through remants of that horror post-it note, but handed to some faux-dimension Hallmark "Shocking-But-True" daytime crime biopic. Flat homes and medical murder. encouraging suspicion and building itself on the back of playful, calculated evil.

Theresa Russell and Deb Winger are SO good together and just drop directly into that folder alongside Jill Clayburgh of "Actresses Massively Underused But Usually The Best Part Of The Films Theyre In".

i had a great time with this