Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★★★

Fright Night Pt. II is a moonlight-blue, fog seeped dream. Much lustier and erotic in its ~tone~, much sexier in its bleed. It gives us now a gang of new age late-80s creeps/freaks/outsider vampires, all with their own delicious affectations that drives them and, in the pink-sex hues of the night and dorm rooms, makes them all unique in their harem. wolf-vamp, bug-vamp, roller-vamp and ultra-cool queen vamp. Its a sequel that people compare to being too similar to Fright Night but its because its a reliving of trauma. A deeper spiral into the wound. One that pushes the stakes (hiyo) into stranger and more artificial boundaries for the characters.

Charlie: instead of trying to save his girlfriend from a vampire, now is the one being seduced and turned by Regine. Hes the now protagonist of his own previous nightmare where his girlfriend was enchanted and 'turned' by Jerry Dandridge.

Peter: where before he bluffed his way through courage and vampire using a teenagers reflected and potential madness as a distancing tool, his job is on the line. Regine and her new artistic approach to the midnight horror-schlock crowd dislodging him from his cosy job. The goofball crypt-boys of late night TV dont want an old man, they want a young woman. We Want Up All Night.

Even brad fiedels score is a shade more sensual. the silkier synths and night campus fly-bys. the new cultures and pansexualities literally gliding through the hallways to take and take and take and take and take and take

Im nowhere near any authority on anything, but i am very sure Fright Night pt 1 is one of my favourite films of all time, and with Fright Night pt 2 i dont feel like i got just a sequel, i feel like i got the only sequel to it i could imagine. Dreamier, more lucid, more ghoulishly neon and just as fun. Hail to you Tommy Lee Wallace. King of the teen-rotic vampire sex lust wet dream archie vampire sequel

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