Gemini ★★★★

a kind of waking up sundaysober film, sleepwalking into a misty morning couch, falling over and your hand touching a houseplant in a more forceful way than intended >>>>>>>>>poisoned with>>>>>>>>>mystery neo-night shimmer noir.

theres no pace to speak of, because it feels like some kind of meditation. the whole thing is ambient and intriguing and one step to the left in this really massaging way, like your heads been peeled back like an old hallway carpet and someones blowing menthol vaporub on your brain.
its kind of in love with it relying on its aesthetic alone which sort of dulls the intensity of the mystery, making it seem like another hair on LA's arm (thus making it even more mysterious).

also refusing to believe Katz isnt a massive Bohren and Der Club of Gore fan because hes absolutely got composer Keegan DeWitt replicating Sunset Mission here!!!!!!!

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