Hereditary ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

grief is a necessary risk we all take// you open yourself up to become hyper-vulnerable. like all those thick parts of skin have been torn off and youre running around with nerves exposed, one touch of the night air will have you aching into your chest

in that gace period of death, the dead becoming alive in memory, and the living temporarily become ghosts

ive seen alot of arguments for the first half's infuriatingly low pacing, because it makes way for the punch of the 2nd half's real in-family beauty horror but i couldnt help just get annoyed. The film over explains character movements aswell as overstretches hysterics and grief to what ends up becoming a near bleak-fest crawl up the stairs.

it feels built around technical ideas and a string of plot ideas that paint themselves into one of the dollhouses corners. another example of art-horror wanting to be unknowable, but providing threads that it burnt at the tips before you showed up. theres about 6 things that probably meant something and existed here to be interpreted, but theyre never knotted together or even held long enough to care about. especially when the last minutes gives us a forced "what the fuck?" instead of a genuine one.

i did! like it, and some of the images here were genuinely incredible (headless ghost floating up into a treehouse, ghost shirt floating behind the teenage son (a bit like Under The Shadow)) and Toni Colette & Gabe Byrne are unreal here. There is a real emptiness to the shooting which i normally adore but the films overall pallor just made it feel like another art-bud dour flick.

still it was cool i guess, but it felt like another film trying to convince yer big cousin who buys the BFI magazine that horror can be High Brow (which it can, but he doesnt care.)

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