Klute ★★★★½

a cold-sweat pan out of waking up to a bedside phone, dead-air on the other end, not even breathing sometimes. bespoke calls from the void to unwedge you from your already loosened life. recordings and elevators. love and dissolution. back rooms, long corridors, chicken wire lifts, archives of material thrown away of things you said and did, an invasion of the instance of tangible contact. everything can be both held against you and used to help you. how many bricks are hollow in the house and how many people are autonomous actors in the life of the clue?

gave me a fucker of a jumpscare like how it feels like your spirit, your ghost, rests fully inside you but 5mm off the edge of your inner walls, then the scare comes and it jumps inside, but not out, so it touches the inner walls and the buzzer goes off like youre a big game of Operation.

anyway, klute is fucking great

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