Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark ★★★★½


i mean the jokes are total hit and miss (and some are dicey as youd exxpect from HK cinema) but this is a legit 90s horror comedy classic? Both Bio-Zombie and Out of the Dark which straps itself together as some mix of Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead, Poltergiest 3 and LEON(??) are total watchlist rockets.
also the special FX are wonderfully zany and electro-plasma wacky. But the way this film is shot and pieced together? its like an overly stylized UFO-Sci-fi-Xfiles mid-90s future Raimi-thon with angled zooms and Three Stooges type physical comedy being literally thrown and nimbly bounced off walls.

to begin with it was shaky but the further and deeper it goes into insane non-reality horror comedy and contemporizing ghost tale folklore, the more i loved it!!!!!!!!!

those dynamite gags had me shouting. hard recommend.

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