Speaking Parts

Speaking Parts ★★★★½

an unknowable mood piece

abstract hypnosis about emotional unavailability, winked-through-tracing-paper incestual heartbreak, lost in industry, and personal obsession through physical media.
the idea that "i cant have you, but i can have the pieces of you left available on a shelf". the video shop is an archive of human emotions and singular existences to rent. again. and again. and again.

i just sat for 5 minutes after watching this thinking how much Atom Egoyans films light my brain and eyes and ears on fire. cathode ray blues and white-pink lilies on a table. single tears and ignored loving gestures. erotic distances and deep, voided internal silences.
Tonally and texturally, no one could ever make these films or replicate them. Real true meditations in art in life in video in love. And all you'll ever get is fingertips just brushing the safety rope, never enough to grab but enough to know its there.

easily one of my favourite filmmakers of all time now. Also as Director/Composer relationships go, Egoyan/Danna's is as underappreciated as you can get.